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Madden NFL ’09 Punts Onto XBLM

So its that time of year again sport fans, the new Madden NFL game has hit the Xbox Live Marketplace and it comes in at a hefty 1.09GB. The demo features 2 playable game modes ‘The Madden Test’ and one ‘Madden Moment Scenario’

The Madden Test is a new feature to the Madden franchise which puts you to the test against numerous different drills (such as passing etc.) I really do like this feature and it will definitely make the game a lot more interesting because it constantly adjusts the games AI skill to match how your playing, so if your sh*t at the game the AI will match you and probably be worse.

The other game mode available in the the demo is Madden Moment Scenario where it puts you against past huge moments in NFL. The one available in the Madden ’09 demo is the almighty New England Patriots vs the crappy New York Giants. Your objective is to score a touch down in a 4 and 1 situation in 1 minute 30 seconds.

If your a fan of the past Madden games you must check this game out, usually the madden games don’t look to impressive but I was shocked to find this one looks amazing, it hasn’t looked this good in years!

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