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Beijing 2008 (PS3) Review

So the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games are soon to happen, so it’s about time a game emerges so you can play through all your favourite Olympic Games with your home country (or whatever country tickles your fancy.) Usually, I am not to fond of sport’s games, but this caught my eye.

Read on to see what I think of Beijing 2008

Within Beijing 2008 there is 2 game modes which are available straight away, these being; playing through the Olympic Games with your chosen team (I picked England, obviously) where you can play through every Olympic Game imaginable. There is also a ‘challenge’ mode where you can pick whatever game you wish to play and try and beat your personal best (which I think I only managed to do once…)

Honestly, I didn’t have my hopes very high for the graphics in this game considering most sports game’s quality of graphics is quite disappointing as there are always apparent improvements which I’ve never been able to notice, anyway back on topic. One thing which I pay a lot of attention to in games like this is the character animations for the each of the sports; does it look like it should? Yes, yes it does which is great however.

The big problem I had with this game is that the scenery of the game (and characters) all looked so rigid such as during the pistol shooting games, you notice how block like the pistol actually is. Another thing which did bug me personally quite a lot is how bland objects actually look; they seem to be one solid color with no different shades of the color being used. (Best example of this is the skin tone of the characters)

The sound in this game, I am sorry to say is quite disappointing. The general sound track of the game I did quite enjoy though, it seemed to catch the moment quite well such as during the menu’s its quite fast paced dance music (Which might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I am into it at the minute.)

Right, now to the disappointing part of the audio in the game… I swear to god that there are only about 20 different sounds in the whole game, within the game there are numerous categories. Every sound for the gun shots sound the same whether it’s a shotgun or a pistol whenever you trip on a hurdle the noise the character makes is the same, you get the picture.

I did have quite a problem with this Game play of this game, purely for the fact ever game mode was so god damn f*cking hard! I don’t over the 6+ hours I played straight of this game, I did not beat an opponent. I never once saw a medal, trophy or any form of congratulations for sucking (gun shooting.. Ninja Gaiden 2 on hard was easier then this…) I’m betting if you could actually play this game and get used to the controls, it would be a hell of a lot more fun and would add so much more play time to the game.

One thing I did love about this game is the amount of content which is available straight away on the disk, these being pretty much every game imaginable from the Olympic Games (as you’d expect.) One thing which is also comes with the game is multiplayer support, where you can pick from a wide range of games which you can go against your friends or random people over your chosen service.

If you are into sport games with a hell of a lot of content and a crap load of games, simply Beijing 2008 is for you however if not, you will honestly hate* this game with a passion, it’s incredibly repetitive tasks and button mashing will drive you insane. Like I said earlier if you have the patience to get used to the controls and have friends with are into these sort of games you could easily kill a few hours and have some fun.

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