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Universal Studios to Make Video Games

Universal Studios today announced that they will enter the video game market. They decided to make the move in order to work closely on tie-in movie games whilst getting rid of the outside publishers.

WANTED will be the first game from the studio due to hit in early 2009 in which it follows off from where the successful Jolie/Mcavoy film left off.

Interestingly people may remember¬†Universal publishing games before becoming Vivendi Games. Most famously they published the original Crash Bandicoot series on the Psone under Naughty Dog’s reign.

Whilst I like the idea of continuing films such as WANTED I think we all know where this is going. Yet more crappy, rushed and licensed games in an already saturated market. Hooray.

It is also worth nothing that many other large Film Studios deal with video games in-house such as Paramount and Warner Bros.

Source: Digital Spy

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