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Unreal Tournament 3 (Xbox 360) Review

In a way, Unreal Tournament is a legend in its own rights. It pretty much started the whole fast paced, furious and bloody combat scene, and after the 5+ games that have been made under the Unreal franchise, this is the first game to hit the next generation consoles and it doesn’t disappoint that’s for sure.

Read on to find my full opinion on the game…

I’m sorry to say, but this is the one part of the game which brings its score down a ridiculous amount. I’ve never played a Unreal Tournament story before, and from what I’ve heard it was meant to be fairly good… Boy were they wrong, the way I heard people talk about the campaign that it was a great play through, my view is nearing the opposite of that.

The only thing I can really say that’s positive about this whole story is that its fairly well written, and could of turned out to be something fairly good, but because the game play is so god damn repetitive it makes you sick of playing it. Here’s a quick run down of what the story mode actually is, bot matches using the game modes which come on the disk.

Unreal Tournament, known for being graphically stunning has once more not let down its fans. The game looks breath-taking no matter where you are in the map or what you’re doing; every object within the area has its own unique look. The scenery and maps the levels are played on are all different in one way or another, some being wide open battlefields other’s being small enclosed fuel stations, no matter where you are fighting you’ll be more distracted by the depth of detail everywhere.

One thing I was presently surprised on is how good each character looks; I in all honestly expected the same character model with just a different facial expression, but thankfully there not. Each character in the game (around 50 in total over 4 different factions) all have there own unique look and style.

I only have one problem with the graphics in this game, and that is the textures have this ‘thing’ where they don’t want to load straight away, which can sometimes take 10+ seconds to load. Other then that there is nothing really to complain about, this wouldn’t bother most people just I noticed it happened a fair few times to me while I played it so I thought it was worth mentioning.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions Unreal Tournament? If your answer is fast paced bloody combat, your answer would be right. Thankfully, Unreal Tournament 3 hasn’t changed its core features; if anything its just improved on what made the franchise what it is. Pretty much every bullet that you fire (and manage to hit) expect to see a fountain of blood spray from whenever you hit them.

One thing that has surprised me more then anything is how well the controller does actually work with the game. In a sense, I am a Unreal ‘veteran’ in the sense I have played every unreal game which has been released on the PC, so I have always used the mouse and keyboard, so I am used to it. So when I moved over to the console version I didn’t have to high hopes for the controls, but they worked great which kept me playing for a very long time.

I love how much the audio in a game can actually change the way it plays and feels. The best example of this is while playing the game you notice that all the factions have there own catch phrase’s and have there own accents is well as the 10 or so vehicles having there own engine noise and weapon noise.

One thing which I always loved about Unreal games was the commentary during the match from the announcer type of person, what could be more fun then blowing off your friends head (No sexual innuendo intended) and hearing through your speaks ‘HEADSHOT!’. If you’re wondering, they have kept all the original sounds from the older Unreal games, which leads me onto multiplayer (as its the only noise I ever heard against me..)

The one big thing about Unreal games (and always has been) is the multiplayer, and its still one of the best experience’s available online. My one main problem with Unreal games has always been that you get some insanely good people at it, and I am ALWAYS put against them, no matter what I do. I can see this game’s multiplayer lasting for months to come, and being highly popular among anyone who has played Unreal games in the past.

So I guess this is the part you’ve been waiting for, my final verdict so here it goes.

Overall, the game is a solid purchase as long as you plan on playing the multiplayer, if you do not have Live, I honestly don’t advise you to buy this game just for the single player and bot match’s as you will get sick of it fairly quickly.. Any one who has played the previous Unreal games should definitely at least rent this game, you will not regret it.

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