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Battlefield: Bad Company (Xbox 360) Review

When Dice released this game it had a lot to live up to, previous versions of battlefield have been smash hits, not only on the consoles but on computers also. Battlefield 1942 is still one of the most played games over the internet. I myself having only played modern combat on the Xbox was looking forward to this game and I was amazed at the new heights that this game reaches.

Read on to find out what I thought of Battlefield Bad Company…

The story for Battlefield is probably an afterthought for any previous Battlefield fans but I can say it is well worth a play through. The storyline is fairly basic, in simple terms traveling through countries chasing gold, but it offers a wide variety of scenery. Ranging from desert to almost urban and woodland settings, in the game you will very rarely find yourself doing the same thing over and over again. The levels are massively varied from destroying artillery positions to flying pimped out helicopters, the campaign was a joy to play through.

I think the best bit of the campaign is the huge selection of vehicles, weapons and upgrades. You can find a weapon in the map and complete the level in your own style, running and gunning your way through or carefully sniping everyone off. My favorite style though was getting a tank or jeep and going straight into the middle of a village and destroying everything, a must-try for everyone.

There are a few niggles which I should mention though, there are only 7 levels taking roughly 45 minutes to complete each one, so it is very short as a whole. This was one of the only games that when near the end of the first level, l was wondering if the level was ever going to end. 45 minutes is a long time for one level; I think there should have been more levels that were shorter in duration.

Battlefield’s destructible environments are easily the most fun on a game I have had in quite a while, the graphical quality that Dice have created is simply amazing. Buildings explode beautifully, making massive holes in the sides that create a whole different angle of game play. Instead of going round the building to get someone, you think “fuck it…” and go straight through it; this leads to you being able to take away the cover of that camping sniper, leaving him open to the brutality of your team’s fire.

The textures are good and the game looks brilliant in HD, but in multiplayer expect to go into hundreds of buildings which are all exactly the same inside. I suppose I am nit picking at one of the most graphically impressively games of 2008.

The controls and game play for the game has been well thought out and balanced perfectly. The game play is fluid and is even impressively fast on massive multiplayer maps as well; it just feels right as a game. The control layout it pretty simple but it works with the game, there are some things you will need to get used to though, like having to hold the left trigger to accelerate in a vehicle. I can understand why they have done this because they need to keep the right trigger for firing.

The different classes on Battlefield are well balanced on the whole, the wide selection of guns means that most people play with the one they think fits them best, not the one which works the best because it does the most damage. The upgrades are a nice addition to the multiplayer because they change the game play; for example, calling in a mortar strike affects where you go and what you do. The tanks I think I have been done perfectly for the game, you obviously run away if you see one coming for you, but with the right team and classes they can be taken out relatively easily. I have only one problem with game play online, this is that it requires a lot of bullets to kill someone. Sniper shots do not kill in one shot, which I think is a mistake, because you may only get one shot on some people and sniper rifles generally tend to be powerful enough to kill in one shot. Overall though, the online gameplay feels solid and good.

The sound affects are some of the best on any game I have ever played, the sounds are different and clear and to get the best from this game you really need to play in surround sound. It makes for a more involving experience, you feel closer to the battlefield. When something explodes near you, you can definitely tell, the way they have made sounds reactive to how near and far away explosions are is simply amazing, something which I have not seen done this well on a game in a long time.

Some of the speech it plays through the speakers during multiplayer games does leave you wondering what it wanted to tell you. Midway through a game a loud voice will say something in a different language and I will have no idea what it meant and assume it bore no relevance to my situation.

This game I can imagine is going to spend an awfully lot of time in my disc tray, the multiplayer will keep bringing me back for months to come. I don’t think that the campaign has a massive amount of replay value, apart to get the Xbox 360 achievements because the multiplayer is the heart and soul of this game. It is a large scale battlefield like the title of the game suggests, an open warfare game allowing you to play as you want to play. The only game mode available at launch is gold rush which is brilliant, it allows for close and long-distance game play, but does rely heavily on having a good team behind you.

I know that Dice and EA have had problems with servers in the past few weeks but once these little creases have been ironed out it will be a near perfect multiplayer.

Overall this game is well worth a purchase on any console; it is a well rounded game and is a joy to play. I would possibly avoid this game if you did not have online because that is where this game truly comes alive. This, for me, has been one of the best games so far of 2008.

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